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Or the diary of an artist on New Cosmos Net.

Dear Mom,

It has been a month since we left Earth and 17 days since we landed on the closest to Sun planet. And I am finally writing you this letter soaring on solar sails with a sense of awe embraced by the unbearable heat.

Launch opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime, when Earth and the parallel reality line up. One dear friend talked to me about this mysterious artists-first galaxy. One thing is to observe, another one is to experience. The only way for me to help others comprehend it was to be part of it.

Or how Exquisite Workers builds a paradox-free time travel rocket

Almost a year before Beeple would thrust digital art into the spotlight with his historical auction in Christie’s, a group of artists-friends created their own life-changing digital art-piece, inspired by the immortal tradition of Exquisite Corpse.

At the time, similar to other artists living in Spain, we were struggling to cope with the lockdown. We had to give up a project to draw the community wall in the city of Barcelona as we were forced to stay at home for 100 days. To engage ourselves in a nice alternative to painting the physical mural, we began the creation of the…


Crypto Exquisite Corpse: 505 worlds best NFTs l 3 unlocked daily Buy, sell, auction 1st in history living art collectible created by 572 artists

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