AI Artists inaugurate Apple Vision Pro with the new Art Universe App

Kaleido has launched the Art Universe App, designed to craft fully immersive experiences for the buying and selling of art

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6 min readFeb 4, 2024

Barcelona, Spain, 2024 — February 2, 2024, has marked a significant day for the tech world as Apple Vision Pro entered the market with AR and VR headsets, boasting over 600 apps exclusively developed for the brand-new device. Among them is Art Universe by Kaleido, inviting the remarkable artists from 32 countries, including AI artists, to inaugurate the Vision Pro spatial computer with their creations.

Art Universe by Kaleido exclusively designed for Apple Vision Pro

The Breakthrough Features of Apple Vision Pro

In 2013, Google Glass teased a future where technology seamlessly merged with everyday life. Now, in 2024, Apple has entered the mixed reality arena with the Apple Vision Pro. Priced at $3,500, the headset combines augmented and virtual reality, promising to redefine how we connect, create, and explore. The headset’s infinite canvas allows apps to scale beyond traditional displays, offering an intuitive three-dimensional user interface. This means you could technically sit in a small space, like an train seat, and watch a cinema-sized movie while getting to your destination. The primary user interface is through eye tracking and gestures, eliminating the need for a keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. The computer senses your interests by observing your eye movement and then analyzes your hand gestures to determine your intentions. Pretty impressive.

Apple Vision Pro official release

Art Universe: Revolutionizing the Art Experience

Art Universe, an new app by Kaleido, leverages Vision Pro’s ultra-high-resolution displays, providing users withwith an unparalleled virtual gallery experience. Users can explore the arts in the form of an ‘art cascade’ on a virtual 100-foot screen.

Toco Deco AI artist makes part of the Art Universe launch on Apple Vision Pro, February 2, 2024. Image courtesy of Maneki Neko

Leveraging AI, Kaleido introduces artists through voice narration, offering users a unique and immersive opportunity to get acquainted with the artist while enjoying a waterfall of works, encouraging deeper engagement. As an integral part of this Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Kaleido facilitates art transactions, enabling users to securely purchase artworks directly from the artists they discover and appreciate. Vision Pro users can visualize the ‘fit’ of a piece, located within an artist’s studio, in the setting of their own home or office, amplifying shopper confidence, reducing costs, minimizing returns, and significantly shortening sales cycles. This marks the next evolution step of online sales and commerce for artists, interior designers, realtors, art retailers, and lifestyle brands.

Kaleido: Transforming the Art World since 2021

The visionary behind Art Universe is Ian Panchèvre, a serial entrepreneur turned art collector and the founder of Kaleido. Inspired by the unbounded possibilities of advanced technologies in the art world, Ian Panchèvre initiated the development of Kaleido in 2021.

Ian Panchèvre, the visionary behind Art Universe

The platform has garnered significant attention, securing a Webby Award in 2023 and attracting over 21,000 artists from 150 countries to participate in the beta program. Impressively, they achieved $45,000 in art sales within the first month. While Kaleido remains free for creators, the platform charges a 25% commission on each artwork sold. With a new generation of art buyers entering the market, especially from the younger demographic, and a staggering 70% of consumers aged 16–44 being familiar with augmented and virtual reality, the trajectory of Kaleido’s journey is unmistakable.

Art Universe Collection released on Apple Vision Pro, February 2, 2024

Art Universe on Vision Pro: A New Dawn in Visual Arts

Art Universe, natively built for VisionOS, has invited over 100 prominent and emergent artists from 32 countries for the historic launch:

  • Gil Bruvel, a French surrealist best known for his Mask sculptures, which are staples at international art fairs.
  • Ryosuke Kosuge, also known as RK, a celebrated street photographer from Japan.
  • Derrick Boateng, an award-winning photographer from Ghana whose colorful photographs are exclusively shot on iPhone.
  • Ofelia Andrades, a feminist painter from Chile whose large format oil paintings echo classical and baroque traditions.
  • Marina Savashynskaya Dunbar, a Belarusian-American abstract painter and color theorist.
  • Philip Vaughan, an accomplished multidisciplinary artist from England, and an early pioneer of neon light art.

Breaking new ground, the Art Universe also invites the visionary AI artists and curators such as Anna Dart, Francien Krieg, TocoDeco, Maneki Neko, SpectralMana, and Irena Sophia, collectively shaping the narrative of this historic product release.

Kaleido’s innovative approach to incorporating AI artists within the Art Universe reflects their experimental spirit since 2021, paving the way for a future where human creativity harmonizes with cutting-edge technology.

“This app is all about sharing some of the untold stories behind the artists most iconic works,” said Anna Dart, winner at the first Claire AI art Contest, a co-founder at Exquisite Workers, “It is for the curious, experimental, and pioneering collectors ready to jump into the unknown. It is for creatives who are articulating infinite possibilities and developing new monetization plays.”

Vision Pro” AI artwork by Anna Dart, released at the Art Universe, Apple Vision Pro on February 2, 2024

Art Universe: Shaping Tomorrow

Envision a decade from now, where the once-dominant realms of TVs and computer monitors fade into obsolescence. Physical artworks seamlessly integrate digital augmentation layers, offering museum-like experiences elevated to an extraordinary level. Real-time translation and subtitles redefine the way we explore the world. The potential inundation of personalized augmented spam, transforming our surroundings into landscapes similar to everyday Times Square, makes us reflect on the importance of beautiful meditative art to find the moment of calm and introspection in noisy environments. Amidst these shifts, AI and digital art take center stage. Animated interactive works adorn our living spaces, infusing a personalized touch into our evolving phygital reality.

While the Art Universe is building a magical digital environment for the arts, this media platform sets the stage for new layers and levels of storification. It emerges both as a technological advancement and a catalyst reshaping the very fabric of our visual and experiential future.

Organizer: Art Universe by Kaleido



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