Anna Dart & Eka exhibit at NFT Liverpool 2022 selected by Paris Hilton

Twenty curators invited by the Gallery’s owner, Amir Soleymani, for the NFT Liverpool 2022 show. Image courtsey of The Liverpool Exhibition.
The Liverpool Exhibition announcement on the official website of Adelia Art Gallery.
Creative duo Anna Dart and Eka exhibit at NFT Liverpool 2022 selected by Paris Hilton. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

About Anna Dart

Co-creator of the First NFT Contest for Climate DigitalArt4Climate at COP26 and co-founder of Exquisite Workers, Anna Dart is an unusual artist and curator who bridges creators, projects and institutions and brings a deep sense of purpose and her light in everything she does. Her art is a passionate call for better universal human connection and promotes ecological and social sustainability as well as mental health. Known for her striking magnetic portraits with an intelligent handling of creamy and elegant gray tones, Anna Dart searches for inspiration in contemporary dance, drama and Gaudí’s architecture​ and creates unique sensual visual experiences for the collectors around the world as well as for the Metaverse participating in the collective “Exquisite Corpse” creation.

Paris Hilton, Queen of pop culture and influencer, selects Anna Dart and Eka for the NFT Liverpool 2022 show among over 6K creators on Twitter. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

About Eka

Born in Ukraine, Eka is a French digital artist passionate about the harmony of colors and intense visual experiences. Eka melds the pieces of digitally transformed images together, mixing them and applying AI powered filters in order to create an intuitive fresh layered imagery defined as Crypto Baroque. Eka has been seeing an incredible success since she entered the NFT space.

The Wildfire by Eka on display at “The Climate Conversation” at Seattle NFT Museum until June 3rd 2022. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.
From left to right: Ice Melting by Eka. Image courtesy of Eka. The Flamboyant Princess by Eka is an reinterpretation of the iconic shot of HRH Princess Margaret taken by Ken Griffiths, marking the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ passing. Image courtesy of Eka.

Selected work “Paris. Her Story.” on display at NFT Liverpool until May 8 2022

The selected artwork for the NFT Liverpool Exhibition 2022 by Anna Dart and Eka titled Paris. Her Story is truly sophisticated. The question left for the curious viewer is: What would Paris look like if She was a Woman? The digital artwork is based on the watercolour portrait of actress Aya Wolf created by Anna in her singature style.

What would Paris look like if She was a Woman? — description and details of the digital artwork by Anna Dart and Eka “Paris. Her Story”. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

“Guest Curator” Exhibit

Each curator of the Exhibit has five days to display their selection at the gallery and virtual space, enabling people unfamiliar with NFTs to understand what NFT art is all about, while simultaneously giving selected artists an opportunity to be seen.

NFT Liverpool 2022 installation. Image courtesy of NFT Liverpool 2022 and Amir Soleymani.
The previous exhibition at Adelia Art Gallery featuring FeWocious, well established NFT artist.

Ticketing information

The NFT Liverpool Exhibition is held at Adelia Art Gallery, 57–61 High Street, L15 8HE, Liverpool, United Kingdom, and is open for visitors from 10am to 6pm everyday from April 26 and August 29, except preparation days which will be announced.

More about the Adelia Art Gallery

Adelia’s other core team include Gallery’s owner, Amir Soleymani, Paolo Moreno (NFT Guild), Nicole Behnam (Beyond Media), Carlos Luna James (FOX Broadcasting), and multidisciplinary NFT artist Parin Heidari. Sponsors of the NFT Liverpool Exhibition include “TimePieces,” a successful NFT initiative by TIME Magazine and “Rug Radio,” the first-fully decentralized media platform by Farokh Sarmad, NFT Guild, and Nicole Behnam of Beyond Media.



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