DigitalArt4Climate Finalist: Judit Canela

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While the climate crisis grows more dire every day, ultimately, artists are the ones pushing the most for change.

With clean lines, flat planes and a minimal colour palette, Judit Canela creates Sea Awakening which is a poignant respective towards the climate emergency through the eyes of the creator.

From left to right: Sea Awakening by Judit Canela. Finalists and Winners at DigitalArt4Climate 2021. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate

Judit Canela is trained in drawing, designing, cartooning and painting, and has pursued her studies at The Pompeu Fabra and the Barcelona School of Design, Spain. With each subject and character, Canela’s work is imbued with a sense of wonder and vintage whimsy.

“My goal is to raise awareness about climate change impacts through my intimate point of view. My intention is to evoke with a subtle sense of poetry, the idea of fragility and hope. I want these images to operate on a profound, transformative level,” says Canela.

DigitalArt4Climate at the MENA Climate Week, Dubai (March 2022).

Sea Awakening will be minted as a Green NFT on Unique Network further in 2022. In a meantime Judit´s work has been featured at Geneva Forum in the major UN quarters in Geneva, Switzerland (December 2021) and at the MENA Climate Week, Dubai (March 2022).

On April 16, 2022 Seattle NFT Museum, USA opens the exhibition “Climate Conversation” featuring Refik Anadol, GMUNK, Sara Ludy, Kyle Gordon, Roger Haus and Judit Canela to highlight the climate impact of the Blockchain technology.

Judit´s Avatar. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

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See more of Judit´s work on Instagram. Visit 3D Galleries with Judit Canela´s artwork on Art Gence 3D and WSJ+.

Mention on Media: Arts Help (“Six Women in NFTs Who Are Fighting Against Climate Change”)



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