DigitalArt4Climate Finalist: Nicolle Rockstroh

At DigitalArt4Climate, an event that brought together over two hundred NFT artists from fifty-eight countries, the creators were invited to explore emerging technologies to address climate emergency, with recent attention turning to the eco-friendly NFTs.

From left to right: Lightlifting by Nicolle, Finalist at DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition 2021; COP26 Collection. Images courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Nicolle Rockstroh is no new to the non-fungible tokens. Originally from Guatemala and now living in Barcelona, Nicolle is an NFT artist, graphic designer and illustrator who is passionate about raising awareness for environmental and social issues through art.

Taking inspiration from nature, music and movies, her unique subjects and surreal landscapes mesmerize and embolden the viewer. Her work Lightlifting is a dynamic composition of geometric shapes and bold colours pieced together to weave a story of interconnectivity in the face of crisis.

“Now is the time to unlearn our harmful behaviors, lift others up and take action,” says Rockstroh. “We need each other. And we need to be the kindest, most empathy-gleaming version of ourselves.”

Art Gence 3D gallery displaying the finalists of the competition featuring Nicolle Rockstroh. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate

To collect “Lightlifting” by Nicolle Rockstroh from the COP26 collection enter the whitelist.

Whitelisted wallets will have the chance to access and collect the Lightlifting one day before the general public. We will send you an email one day before the whitelist exclusive access period begins. You will then have 24 hours to purchase the Lightlifting before it is accessible to the public.

How to be whitelisted:

send your request to indicating “DigitalArt4Climate #21 Collect”

See more of Nicolle´s work on Instagram. Visit 3D Galleries with Nicolle´s artwork on Art Gence 3D and WSJ+.



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