DigitalArt4Climate Second Prize Winner at COP26. Meet NFT artist Amir Karimi

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The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They issue the global challenges we face, including poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice.

DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition addresses the Global Goal 13 which aims to “take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact”. In 2021 this unprecented initiative brought together over 200 artists from 58 countries, all working at the intersection of art and technology in the hopes of inspiring a cleaner future.

Amir Karimi, Second Prize Winner at the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition 2021 at UN Climate Change Conference UK at the last press conference on November 11, 2022. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Amir Karimi, a 3D artist from Iran and a co-founder of a volunteer group Zabzenergy that informs people about a sustainable living, applied to the Art Competition with one of his renown “Every Seconds” which considers environmental issues, including climate change.

“In Every Second: Lake I wanted to show how lakes are getting dry due to climate change and about its effects on the environment, animals and human lives. I believe that we can make the world a better place by creating art. And such actions like this Art Competition is really a great example of how art can raise public awareness about climate change,” says Karimi.

“Every Seconds” by Amir Karimi. The left one is selected by Kamiar Maleki for the NFT Liverpool 2022. Image courtesy of Amir Karimi.

“The ticking cube acts as an alert to show us how much our environment is being destroyed in each second. It is a symbol of purity carrying the idea of simplicity. It is a reminder to all of us so that everywhere we see an environmental issue, that cube will be pictured in our mind encouraging us to make some changes,” says Amir. “Every second more lakes are drying up. We say “water means life” but do we care?””

Art Gence 3D gallery displaying the finalists of the competition. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Amir admits that his life changed after the COP26 Conference: “After the Art Competition many people around me have become more familiar with climate change through NFTs which has made my artworks more precious to them. Getting the Second Prize made me come up with the idea of spending the reward money on supporting some artists who create artworks about the environment by collecting their pieces.”

“The DigitalArt4Climate gave me more faith in the path I chose and also made me closer to my mission that is conveying my message to the whole world!” states Amir.

Amir Karimi, Second Prize Winner at the DigitalArt4Climate 2021, surrounded by his mesmerizing work. Image courtesy of Amir Karimi.

“Every Seconds” are sophisticated dream-like animations which can be described as eclectic, evoking and surrealistic, and not surprising that further to DigitalArt4Climate Amir´s work attracted a lot of public attention.

Shortly after the Art Competition Amir released Space Debris, a contribution to the collective chain work of Exquisite Workers which depicts dead satellites orbiting the planet Earth.

Exquisite Corpse collective chain featuring “Space Debris” #391 by Amir Karimi at Jupiter Edition (left bottom image). Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

Amir has been featured at CNBC Arabia TV which reaches over 50 million households in the Middle East, and has exhibited in various prestigious exhibitions including Dow Jones Live & The Wall Street Journal´s Iconic Mints, WOW Summit Dubai Alternative Reality ´22​ with Exquisite Workers, one of the largest international NFT shows in the GCC region.

Amir´s winning “Every Second: Lake” is currently displayed on digital billboards in the streets of Toronto and Tokyo with ICONS and at Seattle NFT Museum curated by Exquisite Workers.

Recently Amir Karimi has been selected by Kamiar Maleki to showcase his early work from the “Every Seconds” series at NFT Liverpool on April 26, 2022.

WOW Summit Dubai Alternative Reality ´22​ invites Amir Karimi and Exquisite Workers to one of the largest international NFT shows in the GCC region. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

“The COP26 DigitalArt4Climate is truly a before-and-after moment on how the Blockchain has empowered creators to become a new force for philanthropy, supporting environmental and social causes that are as disruptive and evocative as art itself,” says Anna Dart, the curator and co-creator of the NFT Art Competition.

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See more of Amir Karimi´s work on Twitter and Instagram. Visit 3D Galleries with Amir Karimi´s artwork on Art Gence 3D and WSJ+.

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