DigitalArt4Climate Second Prize Winner at COP26. Meet NFT artist Eka.

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Recently a wave of NFT artists have turned their craft toward the global effort to combat climate change, an issue that necessitates large-scale cooperation and mobilization. Ekaterina (Eka) Lestienne is not an exception.

Born in Ukraine, Eka is a French NFT artist passionate about the harmony of colors and intense visual experiences.

Eka melds the pieces of digitally transformed images together, mixing them and applying AI powered filters in order to create an intuitive fresh layered imagery defined as Crypto Baroque.

The Wildfire by Eka. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

“Digital art might become the dominant contemporary form of art very soon. I strongly believe that digital art is the best to express all aspects of the modern era. It is eco-responsible and it offers unlimited experimental possibilities,” shares Eka.

Eka is a self-taught and a busy mother of three. She realized the importance of art in her life during the course of her career in finance. Eka has always appreciated doodling, drawing, and painting, but it was not until 2020 that she began her artistic journey.

Eka, Second Winner of DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition 2021 at UN Climate Change Conference UK at the last press conference on November 11, 2022. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Years of stress working in finance had exhausted her body causing physical illnesses as well as anxiety. Eka was so physically fatigued by 2019 that she could barely walk. She reflected on her life at this time and made the decision to reconnect with reality. She began simple activities to begin repairing her body by applying breathing technics, and stimulating her senses by focusing on the nature and colors.

The Wildfire by Eka next to other DigitalArt4Climate 2021 Winners. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Last November Eka applied to the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition which was calling on artists from across the globe to unlock the capacities of digital art as we continue to build creative solutions in the face of climate change. Among 208 applications from artists from 58 countries The Wildfire was selected as a Finalist.

During the COP26 Climate Conference took place the public voting which brought Eka the Second Award.

“I am feeling personally responsible for sending a message about climate change and the importance of being engaged in the efforts to slow it down. My detailed textured digital сollage refers to the multidimensional soul of the world and can be interpreted as our precious and beautiful planet being ripped to peace by extreme climate events,” shares Eka.

Art Gence 3D gallery displaying the finalists of the competition featuring Eka. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate

“DigitalArt4Climate competition was an amazing opportunity to use my art as a powerful tool to address a subject that is very important to me — climate emergency. I feel truly honored to be able to contribute to global climate action. Moreover, I am now part of an incredible family of creative trailblazers. I believe that we are able to inspire so many people all over the world to act, to protect our planet, our precious home,” explains Eka.

The Wildfire will be minted as a Green NFT on Unique Network in summer 2022. In a meantime Eka´s work has been featured at Geneva Forum in the major UN quarters in Geneva, Switzerland (December 2021) and in MENA Climate Week, Dubai (March 2022).

Eka has been seeing an incredible success since she entered the NFT space.

Recently she became the selected artist to interpret HRH Princess Margaret’s portrait for the occasion of 20 years since HRH Princess Margaret’s death. Eka takes you with her in a tsunami of colours, where the Princess is younger, vibrant and screaming of her lust for life, a true vision of happiness and joy.

The Flamboyant Princess by Eka is an reinterpretation of the iconic shot of HRH Princess Margaret taken by Ken Griffiths, marking the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ passing. Image courtesy of Eka.

Eka was also choosen by WOCA and DoinGud, a community-curated platform inspired by and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within the SDG 5 “Gender Equality” series to be minted and auctioned on the Polygon Blockchain in summer 2022.

On April 26 2022, Eka´s work Paris. Her Story in collaboration with Anna Dart is travelling to NFT Liverpool selected by Paris Hilton.

Paris. Her Story by Eka in collaboration with Anna Dart. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

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See more of Eka´s work on Twitter and Instagram. Visit 3D Galleries with Eka´s artwork on Art Gence 3D and WSJ+.

Mention on Media: , Venture Beat, Blockleaders, Bitcoin Insider, Blogarama, Hitechglitz, Jack Of All Techs, and DigitalArt4Climate Youtube Channel.



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