365 NFT Artists Calendar 2024 Features “AI Surrealism”

Seattle NFT Museum highlights Exquisite Workers in a new educational and visual project

Exquisite Workers
3 min readDec 3, 2023

USA, Seattle, — December 3, 2023 — Exquisite Workers joins forces with Seattle NFT Museum to unveil a visionary project — the “365 NFT Artists” Page-A-Day calendar for 2024, featuring 26 AI artworks from the collective. As a special introduction, we’re thrilled to offer our readers an exclusive 20% discount.

“365 NFT Artists” Page-A-Day calendar for 2024 by Seattle NFT Museum

“365 NFT Artists” calendar goes beyond a typical calendar as it offers a daily dive into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) art. Each page showcases a different artist with an inspiring quote, from experienced pioneers to emerging talents. “365 NFT Artists” calendar gives a snapshot of the variety within the NFT art community and elevates the global visibility of these talented creators.

Designed for both learning and visual pleasure, the “365 NFT Artists” calendar is priced at $24.99 and is available for worldwide shipping. All proceeds from calendar sales will go to good causes, making this initiative not only about art but also about giving back. Each page is an opportunity to discover digital and AI artistry and make a social impact. “365 NFT Artists” brings people from all around the world closer to NFTs, digital and AI art, and social good just in time for Christmas.

Exquisite Workers is the sole global digital artist collective featured in the “365 NFT Artists” calendar. The compilation from the group includes 26 carefully selected AI artworks, showcasing pieces from the legendary “AI Surrealism” exhibition in NYC. Recognized as the largest AI art show in history, the “AI Surrealism” was hosted by Superchief Gallery NFT in 2023.

The Exquisite Workers community can take advantage of an exclusive discount code, ‘EWx365NFT,’ available until December 5, 2023, providing a 20% reduction on the purchase of the “365 NFT Artists” calendar.

Link to purchase: https://www.seattlenftmuseum.com/product-page/2024-page-a-day-calendar-365-nft-artists

Discount code: EWx365NFT (expires on December 5, 2023)

26 AI arts by Exquisite Workers for “365 NFT Artists” calendar by Seattle NFT Museum

Full List Of AI Surrealists (365 Calendar 2024)

Anna Condo, Anna Dart, BLAC.ai, Cafe_Flor, DEHISCENCE, Dreaming Tulpa, DVK the artist, Eka Lestienne, Francien Krieg, Marina Ahmadova, Moonchild, Petra, Sum De La Créme, Makeitrad, Robinson St. George, Roger Haus, Marco, Rocketgirl, Time Traveler AI, Moledarma, Speakingtomato, SIVASH, Neroscarface, June XenoCat, Jules Design, Yuma Sogo.

“AI Surrealism” collection is available via this link.

“365 NFT Artists” Page-A-Day calendar for 2024 by Seattle NFT Museum

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Exquisite Workers

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