Exquisite Workers exhibits at the first NFT Gallery in Canada

Official announcement of the exhibit “Super Real: Letters to the future” at 0x Society. Image courtesy of 0x Society.
Frida and Dalí, the major figures of the Surrealist movement of the beginning of the 20th century. Here represented in the color palette of the Super Real Edition defined by Anna Dart. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.
From left to right: The prototype of the grand museum of Exquisite Workers on Metaverse showing the infinite chain of arts. Image courtesy of Vika and Tim Studio. Jupiter Edition (January 2022) featuring Adrian Alba, Jose Peon, Amir Karimi, Adam Garbutt, Anubhav Kesarwani, David Durà, Ramón Ramos, Anna Reczynska, César Amézaga. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.
0x Society, the first crypto art gallery in Montreal, is celebrating its one year anniversary in May 2022. In collaboration with Exquisite Workers they will present a one-of-the-kind solo show “Letters to the future” from 28 April to 28 May 2022 with the intent to explore what the future holds for the world’s digital creatives through the eyes of the Surrealists. Image courtesy of 0x Society.
From left to right: Exquisite Workers create the longest “exquisite corpse” in histrory, online and on Blockchain. Here these are over 1.5K artworks from the first year of the art creation (2020–2021). Miroslav Polzer the founder of DigitalArt4Climate introduces the symbol of the COP26 NFT Art Competition for Climate with a simple message “Earth needs heart”. Images courtesy of Exquisite Workers.
From left to right. Exquisite Workers at Art Gence 3D Gallery “IT´S ALL AROUND US” next to Beeple, Fvckrender and Kyle Gordon. Exquisite Workers on Spatial.io with the “BIC STAR” exhibit featuring The Fabricant, Digital Village, Social Alpha Foundation. Images courtesy of Exquisite Workers.
0x Society is a non profit carbon-negative organization focused on the promotion, diffusion and support of the crypto art movement. It is the first crypto art center in Canada, offering not only highly curated in-person and virtual exhibitions, but also thorough educational content and generous grant programs for artists. Image courtesy of 0x Society.



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