NINFA: The First AI Art Show in Italy

Presented by the Milan-based NFT Gallery, showcasing works by talented female artists from the Exquisite Workers Collective

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Milan, Italy— February 5, 2023 —NINFA NFT Markerplace, Gallery and Digital Fashion Boutique is hosting the first AI Art exhibition in Italy, showcasing the innovative works created using this cutting-edge medium. The exhibition is on display from January 30 to February 10, 2023, and is located in Milan. This is a landmark event that celebrates the potential of AI as an art form and offers a unique opportunity to witness the dynamic and boundary-pushing art it creates.

First exclusive AI art show in Italy with NINFA. Image courtesy of NINFA.

During the exhibition, the artworks of 15 featured artists will be available for acquisition on the curated NFT marketplace “” This platform, built on the Ethereum blockchain, offers a seamless and secure solution for galleries, artists, design studios, and brands looking to buy, sell, and trade NFTs.

NINFA Gallery hall with the AI ART exhibition on display. Image courtesy of Pntx.

Quote from NINFA: “In a time when AI, for better or worse, is on everyone’s lips we wish to showcase its true and purest potential. Focused on defining the present and the future of AI in the NFT space, this selection of artists seeks to give an overall view of the different styles within AI art featuring multiple edition pieces by 15 AI Artists.

Technological advancement is tightly intertwined with humankind, so the merge of art and technology comes as no surprise. AI art is the result of the collaboration between an artist and an AI system, where data inputs are used as paint and keystrokes become brush-strokes. The human-being reasons, the machine processes, and creativity turns into data.

NINFA AI Drop invites visitors to experience the essence of AI art and take a journey into worlds that were hitherto distant.”

Featured artists at the AI ART exhibition on NINFA. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

The AI Art exhibition will feature works by @grebenshi @kak_dc @mrshapeIess @RedruMxNFT @HODLFrance @CoverArtGuyy @delta_sauce @diggium @RenAI_NFT @Str4ngeThing @textrnr @stephanvasement @JavierTomeo_, and the female artists from the Exquisite Workers collective @annadart_artist and @PasanenJenni.

Link to the AI Art exhibition page —

From left to right: Javier Tomeo, Jenni Pasanen, and Anna Dart. Image courtesy of NINFA.

NINFA, located in the heart of the Milan Fashion District, offers a versatile space of over 200 square meters for a range of cultural events. From art exhibitions to fashion NFT retail and community gatherings, NINFA serves as a bridge between NFT enthusiasts and traditional collectors. The space provides a meeting point for the Italian and international NFT and cryptocurrency community to come together and explore the intersection of art and technology.

From left to right. NINFA Gallery entrance; featured artists at the AI ART exhibition on NINFA. Image courtesy of Pntx and NINFA.

NINFA aims to transcend physical limits and enable the creation and collection of unique digital works through a curated marketplace of high-quality NFTs for the NINFA community.

NINFA mission explained in images. Image courtesy of NINFA.


“When the inner world is beautiful & fragile” by Anna Dart

Anna Dart is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, curator, and futurist who focuses on promoting ecological, cultural, and social sustainability through the intersection of new technology. With over 11 years of painting experience, her art is known for their minimalist and humanistic style, yet with a powerful magnetism and expressiveness that reflect on digital humanism. Dart is a guest artist at Picasso Museum and The Fabricant, co-founder at Exquisite Workers, and the Winner at the 1st Claire AI Contest. In 2022, her work was exhibited in Art Basel Miami, 0x Society, and Seattle NFT Museum etc. Anna shares about “When the inner world is beautiful & fragile”: “As we watch this girl, we are reminded of our potential for growth, blooming, and unfolding into something greater. We are also reminded of the extraordinary potential of AI. AI art is delicate in its soul and with you it opens its petals.” Anna Dart minted her first NFT on Ethereum Blockchain in 2021 with Exquisite Workers.

Link of the artist —

The editions of the artwork are available for 0.05 ETH (aprox $83) until the end of the exhibition.

“When the inner world is beautiful & fragile” by Anna Dart live on NINFA. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

“Dammed” by Jenni Pasanen

Jenni Pasanen is self taught artist who have been creating art all her life, focused in digital painting for past 15 years, she has also background in design and animation for 13 years. Jenni is renowned for her unique blends of human creativity and AI technology. She creates visually stunning images by combining generated pieces from words with her digital illustration skills, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. Jenni takes inspiration from everything around her, from smallest things in life to larger concepts, she is also very keen in science and nature. Jenni shares about her work “Dammed”: “Hold your breath. Close your eyes. Submerge into your mind. What once were there now only distorted glimpse of truth, memories grown sweeter with time.” Jenni Pasanen minted her first NFT on Ethereum Blockchain in 2021 with Exquisite Workers.

Link of the artist —

The editions of the artwork are available for 0.20 ETH ($332) until the end of the exhibition.

“Dammed” by Jenni Pasanen on NINFA. Image courtesy of Jenni Pasanen.

Contact details

NINFA Gallery is situated in Via dell’Aprica, 16, 20158 Milano MI, Italy

Free entrance for the AI Art exhibition. On display until February 10, 2023.

More about NINFA: and

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