Success AI Stories of 0009, Lilyillo and Nikita Panin.

AWAIC Promo Image, 2022.
AWAIC Ep. 2 with Lilyillo, Nikita Panin and 0009. Image courtesy of AWAIC.
  • What the first AI artwork you ever minted and your most favorite artwork so far and why?
  • What is your secret to community building (your relation with fellow AI creators and collectors)?
  • As pioneers in AI art, how do you imagine the evolution of tech in 5 years from now? And how do you imagine your artist path unveiled further?
  • What would you recommend to those who are about to start their journey as AI artists in the border of 2022 and 2023? Is curation of one’s work important?
“Inlayed”, Lilyillo´s submission to the second 2AI Art Contest by Claire Silver. Image courtesy of Lilyillo.
From left to right: Lilyillo´s watercolor, digital and AI-Assisted artworks. Images courtesy of Lilyillo.


Chris Maestas, A.K.A. 0009, is a Senior Automotive Designer/Illustrator based in LA, USA. 0009 graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena with a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Design/Industrial Design. Chris’s early work is centered around acrylic, oil-based enamel, spray paint, and digital pixel-pushing. Since 2022, 0009 has been deep-diving into AI-assisted exploration, inspired in subcultures, its individuality and its urge to stand out. 0009 is the author of DEFACED series, abstract representations of Graffiti, its vocabulary and set of aesthetics, introduced in the “human spaces”. He is an author of “A-I graffiti ‘’ brought from the streets to the white wall galleries. 0009´s work can be collected on Objkt, Foundation, and SuperRare. 0009 recently celebrated the successful sold-out solo exhibition of 12 pieces on Tezos ( at Superchief Gallery NFT, NY, USA MUSEUM SURVEY OF GRAFFITI. Between November 3 and 12, 2022 Superchief Gallery NFT is showcasing for the second time 0009´s work in the solo show in La Biennale Di Venezia. This time the arts are minted on Ethereum (Foundation).

“From a distance” by 0009 from the series MUSEUM SURVEY OF GRAFFITI (2022). Image courtesy of 0009.
From left to right: “cul·mi·na·tion” from the series MUSEUM SURVEY OF GRAFFITI (2022) and “social fabric” from DEFACED series (2022). Image courtesy of 0009.
0009´s work in the solo show in La Biennale Di Venezia, November 2022. Image courtesy of 0009.


Nikita Panin is an AI artist, a global nomad, currently based in Ubud, Indonesia. He graduated from St. Petersburg Art & Design Academy specializing in ceramics. Upon graduation his work centered around oil painting until 2019 when AI experimentation entered his artistic life. Nikita is no new to digital art. He started his digital web artwork at the age of 12 and celebrated his first digital art show when Nikita was 15 years old. Today Nikita portfolio counts with dozens of exhibitions around the world including Taiwan, Belgium, Argentina, Germany, and USA. Having amassed considerable experience over the last few years, his main research now focuses on the exploration of creative possibilities within AI. Nikita´s work can be collected on Objkt, Foundation, KnownOrigin and on SuperRare.

“fragile #81” from “fragile ones” (2022) by Nikita Panin. Image courtesy of Nikita Panin.
Nikita Panin´s AI-Assisted artworks. Images courtesy of Nikita Panin.
Nikita Panin´s “neo-genesis” on SuperRare. The piece is animated and has sound. Image courtesy of Nikita Panin.
  • What helps you keep the work-life balance?
  • How do you get AI to generate darker skin tones, if it’s a difficult bias to overcome (for Lilyillo)?
Caption from AWAIC Ep 2: co-hosts, guests and listeners. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

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