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A Weekly AI Collective meets emerging AI artists on Twitter. Ep 15, 2023.

Barcelona, Spain — February 5, 2023 — In the fifteenth episode of the Twitter Spaces by A Weekly AI Collective we are meeting ARTificialis and Infinite Mantra, uprising AI artists, who share with us their work, stories and ideas on AI technology.

A Weekly AI Collective was founded in collaboration with Exquisite Workers to educate the community about the AI Art, shine light on the AI artists from around the world, and share our excitement about NFTs and blockchain. A Weekly AI Collective chooses Twitter Spaces as it is an easy and comfortable way to have free live audio conversations and interviews on Twitter by using your phone.

AWAIC Ep. 15 with ARTificialis and Infinite Mantra. Image courtesy of AWAIC.


ARTificialis is a mysterious visual artist who creates captivating works that delve into spiritual themes. ARTificialis utilizes AI as a medium to seamlessly connect the past, present, and future through the fluidity of mist often creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Using a pale, soft, and light color palette, the artist portrays characters experiencing moments of bliss through flowing smoke and ethereal memories. The art features breathtaking landscapes and ancient cities set against a deep blue sky, creating timeless and evocative pieces.

ARTificialis´s work is available on and Foundation.

Link of the artist —

“Let it be the sea that takes me” by ARTificialis. Image courtesy of ARTificialis.


Lindsay Kokoska, a.k.a. “Infinite Mantra” is a mixed media artist, who combines traditional and digital techniques in her abstract and surreal art. Her work is inspired by her travels, yoga and meditation practice, and interest in spirituality. With a unique style that blends animation and fine art compositing, Infinite Mantra´s pieces have a dreamlike quality that captures the viewer’s imagination and reminds of the connections between material and spiritual experiences.

Infinite Mantra´s work is available on SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Makersplace, and Foundation.

Link of the artist —

Third Eye Dreamer by by Infinite Mantra. Image courtesy of Infinite Mantra.

The questions that we asked the guest artists are:

  • Tell us about yourself and how you discovered AI. When did this happen and how have you used AI, including the tools and your sources of inspiration.
  • What are the deeper themes your work explores and how does your experimentation with AI connect with that greater purpose for your artistic practice?
  • What would you say is the most challenging, and perhaps the most liberating part of using AI from your perspective?
  • As pioneers in AI art, how do you imagine the evolution of your artistic path over the coming years — how will you evolve your practice further using AI?
  • What would you recommend to those who are about to start their journey as AI artists in 2023?

ARTificialis´s quotes:

“I try to create art that evokes a strong emotional response from the viewer. I want to make people think. This is achievable by blending technical skills and the human experience. My works explore the deeper aspects of life such as the circle of birth, death, and the human condition.”

“Staying focused and selecting items for a particular collection can be a challenge. My approach to curation involves the assembling of works which are consistent, yet distinct enough. Each piece serves a particular purpose. My goals are to create collections that I can be proud of in a long term and not rush to mint them. I take my time and plan the steps. The purposeful intention behind my choices is evident by the number of people who collect my work.”

“I see the movement of AI art as a significant disruption in the space. It is great witnessing history in the making. I am eager to see what will come from the techy people. I cannot wait to see how the tools evolve and experience the imagination that we have never thought of before.”

“Beyond the veil 9.0” by by ARTificialis. Image courtesy of ARTificialis.
“Beneath the surface” by ARTificialis. Image courtesy of ARTificialis.

Infinite Mantra´s quotes:

“I am an abstract painter, I also do graphic design and animations. With AI art, I started in the summer of 2022 when I did the collage work. I wanted to generate different elements. I was blown away by the capability of AI. I use Midjourney mostly and DALL-E 2.”

“I use sacred geometry, astronomy, along with AI technology to create pieces that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. My art lies between the figurative and surreal worlds, and through my work, I channel an energy that inspires people to access a deeper vision and see the magic in their own lives.”

“I have always been very interested in what is out there, in the cosmos. My art is about tapping into this higher dimension. With AI I hope I can do that. We are beings whose souls are meant to do greater things than our physical bodies. As a healer, I want to take my art to another level. I have many interesting things planned to achieve that.

“Intimate Mantra” in my artistic name means the neverending prayer. It has a lot to do with the meditation possibilities which my art is about. The possibilities are endless. The infinite imagination.”
“Youtube is incredible. I am constantly looking and researching what is next. Find someone you are comfortable asking questions. I got a new computer. Instead of taking all from my old computer, I put everything in the hard drive. You need the power to make sure you have the tech aligned so you can go quickly.”

“Open Gates” by Infinite Mantra. Image courtesy of Infinite Mantra.
“Divine Cosmic” by Infinite Mantra. Image courtesy of Infinite Mantra.

Thanks so much to everyone who made the AWAIC Ep 15 possible. And thanks to you for reading. If you find this article useful, please consider sharing with your favorite AI friends and fellow AI communities. They will love it!

Listen to the Twitter Spaces via this link. The duration is 1:44 min. Language: English.

Caption from AWAIC Ep 15: co-hosts, guests and listeners. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

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Highlighting digital & AI artists on @exquisiteworkers since 2020. 12K followers on Intagram. We are creators for creators recording the history. 🐍☠️