Success AI Stories of Danielle King, Kika Nicolella, Rocketgirl

A Weekly AI Collective meets talented AI artists on Twitter. Ep 12, 2023.

Barcelona, Spain — January 14, 2023 — In the twelfth episode of the Twitter Spaces by A Weekly AI Collective we are meeting Danielle King, Kika Nicolella, and Rocketgirl, emerging AI artists, who share with us their stories and achievements.

A Weekly AI Collective was founded in collaboration with Exquisite Workers to educate the community about the AI Art, shine light on the AI artists from around the world, and share our excitement about NFTs and blockchain. A Weekly AI Collective chooses Twitter Spaces as it is an easy and comfortable way to have free live audio conversations and interviews on Twitter by using your phone.

AWAIC Ep. 12 with Danielle King, Kika Nicolella, and Rocketgirl. Image courtesy of AWAIC.


Danielle King is an artist based in Western Massachusetts, USA. She studied studio art and art history, working in photography, film, and mixed media. Her recent work has utilized AI to explore alternative art histories and timelines. She spent 8 years managing the Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and currently works at ClubNFT and Right Click Save. Danielle King is also an art collector and a mother of two.

Danielle King´s work is available on

Link of the artist —

Aida by Danielle King. Image courtesy of Danielle King.


Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist, filmmaker and independent curator based in Brussels, Belgium. In her art she questions the stories we make about the world and about ourselves. Graduated in Film Studies by the University of Sao Paulo, Kika Nicolela has also completed a Master of Fine Arts in Zurich. Kika Nicolela has participated in exhibitions worldwide, her videos have been screened and awarded in festivals of more than 30 countries, and she is represented by the Galerie Charlot, in Paris and Tel Aviv. She is a founding member of the 1of1xtz and an ambassador for Art2ActOfficial.

Kika Nicolela´s work is available on and Foundation.

Link of the artist —

ɭ๏๏к 001 by Kika Nicolela. Image courtesy of Kika Nicolela.


Rocketgirl has been working in blockchain marketing since 2017 and has beenis a web3 artist and PR director for the past 2 years. She works with both analog, digital and AI. She has two distinct styles — abstract chaos and dark dystopia. She’s sold out 6 NFT collections and her very first AI piece took the second award at the second edition of Claire AI Contest. Her work has been displayed in Chicago, Brussels, London, Miami, and Beijing. Rocketgirl is also a curator at Polaris Curated on NiftyGateway.

Rocketgirl´s work is available on, Foundation and SuperRare.

Link of the artist —

Sunday Best / False Idols by Rocketgirl. Image courtesy of Rocketgirl.

The questions that we asked the guest artists are:

  • Tell us about yourself and how you discovered AI. When did this happen and how have you used AI, including the tools and your sources of inspiration.
  • What was the first AI artwork you ever minted, and your most favorite AI artwork so far, and why?
  • How important is curation of your own work, and how do you approach this?
  • What is the most challenging and most liberating part of using AI from your own unique perspectives?
  • What’s been your proudest moment in web3?
  • What kind of advancements in AI, specifically related to art, do you see coming or would like to see and how might you use those?
  • What are your personal thoughts on the hot debate right now about AI art not being real art, or those creating with AI not being real artists?

Danielle King´s quotes:

“Art history is a huge passion of mine. I’m very interested in depictions of women throughout art history. I try to explore that a lot in my work, in terms of how does a woman see women. Trying to look at them with a different gaze.”

“AI tool has access to all of this information, different artists, different movements, different styles, I thought what would it be like to be like to create alternative art histories?”

“I use mostly Midjourney so far. For my next project, I’ve started to use Stable Diffusion. I want to keep exploring and learning. The tools are getting better and better.”

“We are super early in this AI technology. AI is an incredible new tool in an artist’s tool kit.”

William x Lee #2 by Danielle King. Image courtesy of Danielle King.

Kika Nicolela´s quotes

“When Mijourney came out, I was blown away. I always wanted to work with Surrealistic images and suddenly I had this amazing tool to do anything I could imagine I could do with it. It is a bit the way I work with actors, I love to talk a lot with them and give them instructions but also leave them free to create and give me something not exactly what I meant but almost there. It is really a dialog and co-creation and I like to improvise. From the beginning, I loved the idea of prompting. I love the imperfection of this communication with AI. It feels like the AI does not want to talk to you or work with you. Some days nothing really interesting comes out. It is really like the actor who has bad days. On other days suddenly everything works well and is beautiful. I fall in love with this process.”

“With this tool, I can go in so many different directions. The style is needed for the market. For me, this is a trap I do not want to get into. I have a film project, and an installation project, I do the exploration around it. The same way I work with AI.”

“I take a long time creating and prompting. I produce a huge amount of images. After 2–4 weeks I go back to it after working to organize the series.”

ɭ๏๏к 019 by Kika Nicolela. Image courtesy of Kika Nicolela.

Rocketgirl´s quote

“I remember laying in bed and I thought I should try Midjourney. The next thing I knew I did have COVID and I was painting on my AI backgrounds. I created a whole new series in about a week after that. It was entirely by accident. I have a few friends who have physical disabilities. It is such a wonderful tool. I could not stand and oil paint, but I was able to use Midjourney and prompt away.”

“I am a writer too. It is fascinating that I could combine both, the stuff in my head, and the words in my head. This revolutionized by practice.”

“I create a liminal space of all possibilities with technology. There are a lot of artists who I look to for inspiration. Mostly it comes from walks around the city. I live in Edinburgh. I go for a run, I go for a walk. Plenty of red wine as well.”

Ophelia’s Secret World by Rocketgirl. Image courtesy of Rocketgirl.

Thanks so much to everyone who made the AWAIC Ep 12 possible. And thanks to you for reading. If you find this article useful, please consider sharing with your favorite AI friends and fellow AI communities. They will love it!

Listen to the Twitter Spaces via this link. The duration is 2:01 min. Language: English.

Caption from AWAIC Ep 12: co-hosts, guests and listeners. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

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Highlighting digital & AI artists on @exquisiteworkers since 2020. 12K followers on Intagram. We are creators for creators recording the history. 🐍☠️