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A Weekly AI Collective meets talented AI artists on Twitter. Ep 13, 2023.

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Barcelona, Spain — January 18, 2023 — In the thirteenth episode of the Twitter Spaces by A Weekly AI Collective we are meeting Pale Kirill, and Leyla Ruh, emerging AI artists, who share with us their artists paths, goals and thoughts on AI technology.

A Weekly AI Collective was founded in collaboration with Exquisite Workers to educate the community about the AI Art, shine light on the AI artists from around the world, and share our excitement about NFTs and blockchain. A Weekly AI Collective chooses Twitter Spaces as it is an easy and comfortable way to have free live audio conversations and interviews on Twitter by using your phone.

AWAIC Ep. 13 with Pale Kirill, and Leyla Ruh. Image courtesy of AWAIC.


Pale Kirill is a visual artist and digital designer from Belarus with a Master’s degree in Architecture. In his AI artworks, Pale Kirill explores religious and spiritual themes, depicting them through simple and clear symbols. Pale Kirill uses bright contrasting color palette, often depicting flames and using captivating gradients. Pale Kirill is fond of exploring the phenomenon of interfaces and the manipulation of a human behavior. Pale Kirill is also an art collector.

Pale Kirill´s work is available on and Foundation.

Link of the artist —

“show me” by Pale Kirill. Image courtesy of Pale Kirill.


Leyla Ruh is a 26-year-old AI artist based in Turkey. Leyla Ruh graduated from art school and used to do Graphic Design and create Animations. Leyla Ruh uses AI as a way to reflect on the reality around and explore her own inner world. Leyla Ruh is faschinated by brutalist architecture and in her art, she transports the viewer in the dreamlike interior environments in which the nature coexists with humanity in harmony. Leyla Ruh is also an art collector.

Leyla Ruh´s work is available on and Foundation.

Link of the artist —

“heavenly light” by Leyla Ruh. Image courtesy of Leyla Ruh.

The questions that we asked the guest artists are:

  • Tell us about yourself and how you discovered AI. When did this happen and how have you used AI, including the tools and your sources of inspiration.
  • What are the deeper themes your work explores and how does your experimentation with AI connect with that greater purpose for your artistic practice?
  • When working with AI there is a clear intersection between writing and the visual output, where text is inextricably linked to the AI process. Can you speak to your experience writing prompts for AI — how do you go about this process — what does it look like for you? Especially when English is a second language, & or you might be using multiple Ai models in your process.
  • We all know that the possibilities with AI are endless, and that can be as daunting as the blank page or the blank canvas. What would you say is the most challenging, and perhaps the most liberating part of using AI from your perspective?
  • As pioneers in AI art, how do you imagine the evolution of your artistic path over the coming years — how will you evolve your practice further using AI?
  • What would you recommend to those who are about to start their journey as AI artists in 2023?

Pale Kirill´s quotes:

“I first tried generating AI images in 2021 with In summer 2022, when first Midjourney and Stable Diffusion became popular, a lot of fun and experimentation began. The first more conscious AI work was “Angel” from the series of angels based on the ranks of Christian angelology. I love angels.”

“I like to study things that are almost impossible to explain, impossible to fully understand by the human mind, but which can be taken apart in small steps and discovered in parts. I talk about the spiritual world, religion, faith, and the Creator. I grew up in a Christian family and it certainly influenced my worldview. It’s what inspires me my whole life.”

“I like things to be simple. I like it when complex things are explained in simple language. And I also like metaphors. For my new series I took some simple visual elements and added a symbolic meaning that you don’t have to know about but meaning is there. And when there is meaning then there is beauty, there is stories and there is life.”

“At the beginning I saw communicating with AI as a form of communicating with the collective mind, like modern folklore or fairy tales told by the collective mind. But with time, you start to find common ground and understand how the logic of communication with the AI works. At the moment I have several ready-made constructs, which I use for prompts: depending on what result I want to get, and depending on what AI model I am communicating with.”

“Sometimes it happens that you seem to know and understand everything, but accidentally you change the words or add words to your well-known prompt — you get an unexpected result and that’s good.”

“When it becomes difficult for me to communicate with the AI, then I free my mind from everything and start generating complete absurdity. I discard my ready-made template constructions. And I start writing completely new prompts. Or I just close the AI tools and go play toys with my daughter.”

“AI technology allows us to reveal the human being as a creative unit and as a creator. And if something doesn’t work, you just need to rest.”

“AI technology has come so organically into my work, as if it had always been that way. I’m very excited about rapid development of artificial intelligence technology. It would be strange not to take advantage of the power that AI provides.”

“For me interfaces are a form of communication. In the future, it would be great to communicate with AI like a living person. It would be cool if AI would understand us on its own and enter into live communication. Just communication, without all the buttons, notifications, windows, screens and visual noise like that.”

“If you’re an artist, an architect, a designer etc, I think you should try AI tools. Just imagine it’s an open world game. Walk around out there, look where no one else has looked, just have fun.”

“Another thing that doesn’t get talked about as much but I think it’s important question for some people is how to manage your prompts, how to keep the generated images in order. I do everything in Figma. Maybe it’s because I do my design projects there, but Figma does a great job with that as well.”

Angel by Pale Kirill. Image courtesy of Pale Kirill.
“PA$$i0Ns” by Pale Kirill. Image courtesy of Pale Kirill.

Leyla Ruh´s quotes:

“I have been using AI since August 2022.First I learned about Stable Difussion and I made my first collection in Dream Studio, and I was only using raw images. Then I realized that this was not enough for me, I began to discover many different possibilities of AI, to combine it with the graphic editor and come up with some of my own tricks and techniques. Recently I started using Midjourney to combine it with Stable Diffusion to get even more flexibility and understanding with AI.”

“When I used Stable Diffusion I faced with some limitations for the realization of my idea. I wanted more literal performance of promt and realistic components and I decided to try Midjourney for this purpose. Now I use these programs together and think they complete each other perfectly.”

“My inspiration are my inner feelings and emotions. In my work, I want to share them with people.”

““The Blessed collection” was my exploration of love relationships. It is actually funny how the mood of the pieces in this collection changed depending on my vision of loving relationships. At first, they were very ironic and a bit sarcastic, But the latter, are more romantic and tender.

“One of my favorite works is when part of the image is made by AI and the other half is mine. For example, I had a work called “Her letter”. I really liked the guy in the output and how delicately he was woven out of thin lines. I decided to refine the image by adding a lady of his heart, who would also be composed of these lines, but almost invisible, making her imaginary and existing only in his memories. AI can be so inspiring if you listen to it.”

“If I could somehow affect the process, I would want AI to evolve towards the state in which we as artists could have more influence over the final output. Also I know that there are a huge number of plugins for photoshop that help to change the image in detail and achieve an amazing similarity of the AI image with the painted images. I think that such things are important now and should be further improved.”

“The first thing I would advise is to do what you like. Find your style and develop your observational skill. Watch a movie, read a book, find wonderful music. Develop always first and foremost as a person and fill yourself with beauty. Also also develop communication skills. Community is everything. And these are all things that I’m constantly working on too.”

“it takes efforts” by Leyla Ruh. Image courtesy of Leyla Ruh.
“Me and my character” by Leyla Ruh. Image courtesy of Leyla Ruh.

Thanks so much to everyone who made the AWAIC Ep 13 possible. And thanks to you for reading. If you find this article useful, please consider sharing with your favorite AI friends and fellow AI communities. They will love it!

Listen to the Twitter Spaces via this link. The duration is 1:41 min. Language: English.

Caption from AWAIC Ep 13: co-hosts, guests and listeners. Image courtesy of Anna Dart.

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