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New York, May 31, 2022: On June 2022 NFT.NYC is hosting the 2nd Annual NFT awards, one of the most awaited NFT events, organized in partnership with OpenSea, APENFT, and NFT.Kred. The NFT Awards honours and shares recognition of the remarkable NFT projects, infrustructures and distinguished creators selected by the community.

Over the last few days the event received 12,353 nominations in over 30 different categories including the nominations for:

✔️ DigitalArt4Climate for “The Best Environmental Initiative from an NFT Project”

✔️ and two nominations for Exquisite Workers for the˝Best NFT project for Creators” and ˝The Diversity Award”.

The Filipino digital artist and eco-activist Bricx Martillo Dumas, the first prize winner of the 2021´s DigitalArt4Climate and a leading artist at Exquisite Workers, is an ambassador of both initiatives.

Nexus by Bricx Martillo Dumas, DigitalArt4Climate & Exquisite Workers ambassador. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

To select the overall winners in these and other categories, the voters are able to vote for the nominees for each award on the official website of NFT.NYC via this link

The voting is now live and finishes on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 5 pm ET.

Voters are required to verify the email address they use to cast their vote. The voting process takes aproximately 1 minute. The winners of the NFT Awards will be reached out in advance with a complimentary invitation to attend the NFT.NYC celebration scheduled to be held between June 20 to June 23 in the city of New York. The winners will receive the NFT.NYC Badge of Honor as well as the Industry Recognition. Attendance of the NFT Awards is included through General Admission and VIP Access passes to NFT.NYC.

Official announcement of the 2nd Annual NFT.NYC Awards. Image courtesy of NFT.NYC.

About Bricx Martillo Dumas.

After witnessing the devastation that the Super Typhoon Yolanda and a changing climate caused in his home country, Bricx committed himself to a life of education, cycling and eco-activism. In November 2021 Bricx Martillo Dumas submitted the digital artwork Nexus to the DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition. This initiative is founded by GloCha in partnership with UN-Habitat, Unique Network, Exquisite Workers and Social Alpha Foundation brought together over 200 creators from 58 nations, all working at the convergence of art and technology in the aim of inspiring a cleaner future.

From left to right: Nexus by Bricx Martillo Dumas, absolute winner of DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition 2021. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate. United Nations headquarters in Geneva. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

Participating artists had a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to share their art and concern about the climate emergency at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in the digital screens and be seen by 120 world leaders and over 40,000 participants, including 22,274 party delegates, 14.124 observers and 3.886 media representatives. That was the first NFT exhibition for climate in history curated by Anna Dart, Exquisite Workers´s co-founder and DigitalArt4Climate co-creator. For two weeks, the world was riveted on all facets of climate change: the science, the solutions, the political will to act, the indications of action, and for the first time the NFT art.

“It was really an overwhelming experience, especially because sharing the current climate change problems in the Philippines to the world is a big move and is something that is not done often,” says Bricx about what this Art Competition means for himself and for his country.

Anna Dart announcing the public voting of the Art Competition at COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, UK. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

After 2 weeks of the public voting and thousands of votes on the official website of the DigitalArt4Climate, Bricx Martillo Dumas has been announced as an absolute Winner. Days later Bricx Martillo Dumas received a formal letter from the House of Representatives of Philippines congratulating him and has made appearances on a number of platforms such as ArtGence 3D gallery, CNN Philippines, ANC 24/7 and WSJ+ at Iconic Mints. His work has been featured at collective art creation “Digital Exquisite Corpse”, at Geneva Forum in the major UN quarters in Geneva, Switzerland (December 2021) as well as in Seattle NFT Museum, USA next to Refik Anadol, GMUNK, Sara Ludy, Kyle Gordon and Roger Haus (on display until June 3, 2022).

“DigitalArt4Climate is an open, independently organized international initiative showcasing the game changing potentials of blockchain technology can be harnessed meaningfully for the climate crisis only with blockchain solutions that have a minimal environmental footprint (as provided by the Proof-of-Stake based Polkadot and Kusama blockchain ecosystems),” — says Irina Karagyaur, the Head of the Metaverse Growth at Unique Network. “DigitalArt4Climate aims to inspire artists and pave the path for others to follow and contribute to solve the biggest challenge of our era. And NFT NYC is the Leading Annual Non-Fungible Token Event and an international forum to provide visibility to this project and show an example for global community to follow.”

Bricx Martillo Dumas, winner of DigitalArt4Climate Art Competition 2021 at UN Climate Change Conference UK at the last press conference on November 11, 2022 and the CNN Philippines Television. Image courtesy of DigitalArt4Climate.

“We are incredibly humbled to work with Bricx Martillo Dumas and so many brilliant artists at Exquisite Workers and could not be more grateful to them for pioneering and leading the charge into the new paradigm for creatives. We have worked very hard, with a lot of passion, and it is very encouraging to be validated in that work and acknowledged for what we have built. May the wonders of virtuality assist us on building a more healthy and just reality for the new generations! NFT.NYC awards are an incredible positive force in the universe!” — shares Anna Dart.

Nokma 2021 by Bricx in the collective chain of art of over 2.5k artworks by Exqusite Workers. Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.

About Exquisite Workers

Known for their breathtaking collective artwork inspired by the Surrealist game “Exquisite Corpse”, Exquisite Workers is a new-gen online platfrom and ecosystem for artists focused on social good and female empowerment. Since 2020 Exquisite Workers has been creating the longest sequence of art daily by over 500 participants. Over the last 12 months the multicultural project created 504 unique interconnected NFTs dedicated to the Global Sustainable Goals which grace the most prestigious digital art shows.

About Unique Network

Unique Network is an infrastructure for the next generation of NFTs. The first NFT chain for Kusama and Polkadot, Unique Network offers developers independence from high network transaction fees, dense upgrades, and siloed NFTs. Unique Network is a winner of the 14th Parachain Auction on the Polkadot Network and responsible for Polkadot’s first NFTs, Substrapunks.

About Global Challenges Action Network (GloCha)

The International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges (GloCha) is a United Nations-accredited civil society organization, based in Klagenfurt am Wörtheersee, Austria, which is focused on youth empowerment in the implementation of United Nations’ goals and programs, especially in the field of climate protection.

About UN-Habitat Programme

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) is the United Nations programme for human settlements and sustainable urban development. It was established in 1978 as an outcome of the first United Nations Conference on Human Settlements and Sustainable Urban Development held in Vancouver, Canada, in 1976.

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Cast your vote until Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 5 pm ET on

Cast your vote for DigitalArt4Climate and Exquisite Workers with Bricx Martillo Dumas until Wednesday, June 1, 2022, 5 pm ET on Image courtesy of Exquisite Workers.



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